Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


Damaged Historical Sites and Stolen Antiquities Fray Syria’s Links to the Origins of Civilization

The treasures of Syria’s history are under attack from the military, rebels, and looters.

Ploughshares Makes Life Hell for Oak Ridge Nuke Plant

Despite being on the national security radar for 32 years, Ploughshares was still able to pull off a recent dazzling action.

The Term “Nuclear Security” Is a Modern-Day Koan to the Japanese

Does it mean protecting nuclear plants or using nuclear weapons for national security?

There May Be a Method to the Madness of Apathy and Ignorance

Puzzling over the enduring enigma of the American public.

Mexicans Sidestep Rigid Gun Control to Arm Themselves

Mexico has strict gun control laws. Who knew?

As Drones Grow More Precise, Their Targets Become Increasingly Vague

It’s as if there’s a zero sum relationship between the accuracy of targeting and those targeted.

AQ in Iraq Has a Funny (Ha, Ha) Way of Observing Ramadan

As usual, Al Qaeda makes a mockery of Islam.

Iran Navy Reassures West It Won’t Block Strait of Hormuz

Iran Parliament plays to cheap seats by calling for Strait to be blocked in response to sanctions.

A State’s WMD Are Just as Likely to Threaten It as Protect It

States acquire WMD both for national security and to ensure that the ruling regime survives.

What’s Worse Than PTSD?

Returning from war without psychological trauma is not necessarily good for veterans.

Why Did Russian Officials Withhold News of Flooding From Krymsk?

Victims of the devastating coastal Black Sea flooding are quick to blame the authorities.

No Wonder So Many Drone Strikes Gang Aft Aglay

Drone operators aren’t seeing their targets in real time.

What Vets Are Not Talking About When They’re Not Talking About Their War Experiences

Silence on the part of veterans is often a symptom of “moral injury.”

Iran’s Parchin Clean-up a “Tease”

The United States and the IAEA are grasping at straws to prove Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

KSM May Never Be Brought to Justice for the Murder of Daniel Pearl

As with his 9/11 trial, his testimony is tainted by torture.

Syria’s Stalin and His Gulag

Like Soviet Russia, Syria also has chemical weapons and suspected biological weapons programs.

What Have These Ultra-Orthodox Jews Got Against Honoring Holocaust Victims?

Actually, it’s those who use the Holocaust to their own ends that they oppose.

Heavy Grows Israel’s Finger on the Trigger

What would U.S. policy toward Iran look like if free of pressure from Israel and its supporters?

Iran Nuclear Standoff: What Israel Has Wrought

Israel’s nukes beg to be balanced.

Syrian Regime Hastening Its Own Demise

At this point, President Assad is beginning to seem self-destructive.