Marjorie E. Wood focuses on income and wealth inequality, minimum wage and worker justice, and higher education reform. While At IPS, Wood co-authored multiple reports, including The One Percent at State U, which was the first study to connect the rising pay of university presidents with an increase in adjunct faculty and student debt. This study was featured in a New York Times editorial and in many other prominent media outlets.

Wood currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Labor and Research Action Network, a group that connects academic experts around the country with labor organizers. She has a Ph.D. in History from the University of Chicago (2011) where she received the Herbert G. Gutman Prize, a national award for the best dissertation in U.S. Labor History given annually by the Labor and Working-Class History Association. Prior to joining IPS, Wood was a visiting professor in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.


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Student debt and low-wage faculty labor are rising faster at state universities with the highest-paid presidents.

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After minor revisions due to updated data from the American Federation of Teachers, the report still concludes that student debt and low-wage faculty labor are rising faster at the state universities with the 25 highest-paid presidents.

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