INFOGRAPHIC: The Obamacare Benefit You’ve Never Heard Of

How a little-known provision in the Affordable Care Act saved Americans $72 million

Chemical Weapon Use in Syria Could Trigger Intervention

President Obama called their use a “game changer.”

North Korea’s Withdrawal From Kaesong: Cutting Off Its Nose to Spite Its Face

North Korea has announced that it’s withdrawing its workforce 53,000 workers from the Kaesong Industrial Complex, jointly held with South Korean.

Soccer Riots and Egyptian Democracy

Football fan clubs have played an unexpectedly powerful political role in Egypt’s revolutionary path.

Is a Desperate Assad Lashing Out With Chemical Weapons?

The Syrian government and the opposition trade accusations about using chemical weapons and propagandizing the attacks.

Echoes of Occupy in Western Sahara

Morocco won’t be able to put off the issue of Western Sahara’s right to sovereignty indefinitely.

Promoting Peace, But Fueling War in Syria

Saudi Arabia is a dubious choice to team with to promote democracy in Syria.

Reconciling Displaced Libyans and Their Neighbors

Thousands of Libyans remain internally displaced by ethnic tensions unleashed by the revolution.

Egyptian Government Deals With Sexual Attacks on Female Protesters by Blaming the Victims

In the void left by the government’s utter lack of action, citizens are stepping forward to protect women at demonstrations.

Review: The Rich Don’t Always Win

Americans were once able to wrestle, bit by bit, power and influence from the wealthy elite–and if they did it once, they can certainly do so again.

The Sunday Times of London’s Odd Timing on Controversial Netanyahu Cartoon

Gerald Scarfe’s cartoon may not have been anti-Semitic, but running it on Holocaust Memorial Day only added fuel to the fire.

Putting Bibi in a Corner

Although almost certain to win reelection, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been overshadowed by a charismatic new far-right leader.

Orientalizing Rape

The coverage of the Damini case has sparked a lively debate about how the Western media portrays rape culture abroad.

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    Soccer Riots and Egyptian Democracy

    The Eurasia Review | April 9, 2013

    Putting Bibi in a Corner

    Eurasia Review | January 20, 2013