Award-winning Berkeley-based editorial cartoonist Khalil Bendib’s cartoons are regularly featured in dozens of small and mid-size newspapers across the country, and they can be viewed at His work has run in USA Today, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other large newspapers. His latest book of political cartoons is Too Big to Fail.


A Muslim Cartoonist Draws Lessons from the Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Does anyone — ever — deserve to be harassed, hounded, or murdered for expressing an opinion, however egregious?

Fly the Stingy Skies

Oh, I almost forgot the rest room fee.

Highway Robbery

Your Social Security or the fiscal cliff?

The Ant and the Grasshopper

We drank your pension moons ago.

Voting Rights Appeal

White rule is down on its luck.

The ‘Fix-the-Debt’ Racket

Behind this Trojan Horse is a plot to slash corporate taxes.

Sandy Trumps Romney’s Climate Joke

Why isn’t anyone laughing anymore?

The Horses and Bayonets Strategy

Forget enriched uranium.

Trick or Mistreat

Big Chocolate uses forced labor in West Africa and feeds obesity and diabetes in the United States.

Anti-Proliferation Brigade

Can’t you see we’re busy?

Poisoned Apple, 2012

Don’t fret about the genetic engineering.

The Politics of Inequality

Sorry, folks, but the ladder is temporarily out of order.

Vote for This Clown

Romney 2012: Serious Business Leadership.

Second-Hand Smoke

Your health may be hazardous for my profits.

Military Pork Shield

These $800 toilet seats can come in handy sometimes.

Ryan at the Trough

Take it from me.

Hellish Working Conditions

This is what the promised land of free trade looks like.

Belt-Tightening Time

Schools and libraries are being squeezed but not CEO pay or corporate tax loopholes.

Caution, Fiscal Cliff Ahead

Some will fare better than others.

Privatizing Public Schools

Watch the magic of the market at work.

    The Pen is Funnier than the Sword

    The Portland Observer | October 24, 2017