Award-winning Berkeley-based editorial cartoonist Khalil Bendib’s cartoons are regularly featured in dozens of small and mid-size newspapers across the country, and they can be viewed at His work has run in USA Today, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other large newspapers. His latest book of political cartoons is Too Big to Fail.


Unmanly Drones

A real man could never kill so many men and women and live with himself.

Donald Kaul Signs Off

Holding your nose helps when you write about politics.

Supersized Liberty

Give me your diabetic, your obese, your uninsured masses.

Mitt’s Gift of Gaffe

How about a disabled American for president?

Papers, Please

Driving while holding a burrito is grounds for concern in Arizona.

Super Highway Robbery

Your friendly cable company is here to serve you.

Broken Planet

Is there intelligent life on Earth?

Solidarity in Reverse

Class warfare for dummies.

Killing Fields

Genetically modified crops are part of a war against Mother Nature.

United States of Walmart

Buy two congressmen, get one free.

Passing the Top Hat

Stop me before I make a killing again.

USS Excess

To avoid being taxed, the uber-rich are increasingly becoming stateless and transient.

Vegan on Board

The road to a healthier diet is paved with vegetables.

Graduating into Debt

Neither a borrower nor a burger flipper be.

Gender Gap

No contraception, no child care, no equal rights, no abortion.

Crime Watch

What really happened to Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

Taxing Job Creators

I’ve created lots of jobs….in China.

Off Our Backs

I know how you guys feel.

Nuclear Alert

The red alert from Iran, with some context.

Syria’s Butcher

It’s a family tradition.

    The Pen is Funnier than the Sword

    The Portland Observer | October 24, 2017