Anita Dancs is Research Director for the National Priorities Project. She researches and writes on the impact of federal policies, and is the primary author of NPP publications. Anita has a PhD in economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and spent years teaching and researching at universities in Hungary, the UK and the United States.


Two Big Errors Plague Budget Reporting

President Obama’s proposed budget offers no real cuts to the Pentagon, and further spreads the divide between Defense and State Departments spending.

A Military Budget of Add-ons, Not Choices, Makes the Security Imbalance Worse

An emphasis on non-military engagement can’t hide the fact that Obama is spending more on defense than Bush.

The Cost of the Global U.S. Military Presence

It costs $250 billion a year to maintain the U.S. empire.

Shape Up and Ship Out

How the Pentagon can cut the military budget and still keep us safe.

Bush Budget Adds to Military, Cuts Prevention

Voters—Republicans and Democrats alike—are telling pollsters they want, not a modest course correction, not a turned page, but a whole new book.

The War Not Worth the Cost

Our children, and possibly their children, will end up paying for the Iraq War.

“War Derails Investment in Future”

One of the consequences of this war is to cut investment in our future. It’s time to start thinking of how to shut down this failed adventure.

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    Bush Budget Adds to Military, Cuts Prevention

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    Bush Budget Adds to Military, Cuts Prevention

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