Adil E. Shamoo, a professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, is an Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow and a Foreign Policy In Focus senior analyst. He is the author of: Equal Worth – When Humanity Will Have Peace.

Shamoo has written and edited 16 books on science and bioethics and his op-eds have run in many newspapers, including the Christian Science Monitor and The Baltimore Sun. Shamoo was born in Baghdad, Iraq and obtained his BSc at University of Baghdad, an MSc at University of Louisville, and a Ph.D. from the City University of New York. You can read his writings on:


How the Next Presidential Candidate Can Defeat Trump

It’s never too early to come up with an agenda for 2020.

U.S. Support for the Saudi Regime is a Humanitarian Disaster

As millions in Yemen face severe hunger, the United States continues to provide the Saudi invasion with arms

Netanyahu Is a National Security Risk—And Washington Knows It

An anonymous U.S. official caused a dustup when he called the Israeli prime minister “chickensh*t.” Others might have said worse.

Egypt Speaks, Again

Since the military coup that toppled the country’s elected Muslim Brotherhood government, the message of the many Egyptians we met last year resonates with even greater power.

On the Brink of Another War

Let’s resist the temptation to intervene in Syria. This time, let’s say ‘lesson learned.’

After Iraq, Climbing Out of the Moral Abyss

If lies have delivered us to this place, then only the truth will begin our journey back.

Morsi’s Last Chance

Egypt is rapidly approaching its most acute political and economic crisis since the 2011 revolution that swept dictator Hosni Mubarak from power.

Hitham’s Tale

The military disparity between Israel and Gaza is but the most violent among many.

A New Middle East Agenda for Obama

Obama can stem the decline of U.S. influence in the Middle East, but only if he gives the people of the region a reason to want it.

Romney on the Middle East: Obama, but Worse

Beneath the bluster, Romney’s foreign policy isn’t so different from Obama’s. It’s just worse.

No to War with Iran

War with Iran could spark a regional conflagration that would cause untold suffering across the Muslim world and spark deadly blowback for decades to come.

Bleeding Syria

There is little to no discussion about the role U.S. allies have played in fueling a sectarian war in the Middle East.

Time to Turn the Page on Egypt

If we truly believe in the value of democracy, the value of freedom, and the power of the people’s voice, we will support Egypt and its new president on their journey toward a free and democratic society.

Egypt’s Path Winds Toward Democracy

Egypt’s presidential election ought to be celebrated as a great success for the forces of democracy in Egypt and the Arab world.

Morals in the Age of One Superpower

Can a superpower act morally in its foreign policy? Recent evidence of U.S. conducts suggests otherwise.

Principled Intervention in Syria

Military intervention in Syria is a high-risk enterprise. Here’s a set of principles by which the intervening forces must abide.

In Iraq, Occupation by Another Name

Even as embassy population is reduced, America is projecting power by adding CIA personnel and Special Operations.

Syria’s Revolution Will Succeed

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime must step down immediately–without Western military intervention.

Arab Islamists Are Here to Stay

Given the history of Western support for corrupt secular governments, the popularity of moderate Islamist parties should come as little surprise–nor should it be cause for concern.

Bahrain’s Courageous Doctors

Medical ethics has a long and honorable history that U.S. officials and medical professionals must uphold for the doctors and nurses in Bahrain.

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    After Iraq, Climbing Out of the Moral Abyss

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