Bonnie Bricker is a contributor to Foreign Policy In Focus.


Egypt Speaks, Again

Since the military coup that toppled the country’s elected Muslim Brotherhood government, the message of the many Egyptians we met last year resonates with even greater power.

On the Brink of Another War

Let’s resist the temptation to intervene in Syria. This time, let’s say ‘lesson learned.’

Time to Turn the Page on Egypt

If we truly believe in the value of democracy, the value of freedom, and the power of the people’s voice, we will support Egypt and its new president on their journey toward a free and democratic society.

Egypt’s Path Winds Toward Democracy

Egypt’s presidential election ought to be celebrated as a great success for the forces of democracy in Egypt and the Arab world.

No Moral Consistency in Obama’s Middle East Policy

In Libya, the U.S. lead role in the military intervention has proved that its advertised intentions and actions clash with reality on the ground.

Is Egypt’s New Military Leadership Just Coup d’Etat Light?

How will the pro-democracy movement respond if the military subverts the revolution?

WikiLeaks: U.S. Soldiers Left Wondering “What’s the Moral Code This Week?”

What’s revealed in the WikiLeaks documents only further erodes other nations’ trust in the United States.

Secrecy Industry Hits Home

Unchecked growth in intelligence agencies raises troubling questions and even affects how we interact with neighbors.

Worst Fears May be Realized In Iraq

Are we really leaving Iraq at the end of 2011?

Iraq Policy: D

The Obama administration’s policy toward Iraq largely continues the policies of the Bush years.

Iraq: Nightmare or New Democracy?

While Iraq could easily become Obama’s nightmare with a policy that emphasizes sectarian divisions, a national unity framework will help Iraq become a new democracy in the Middle East.

A Global Public Health Policy Based on Science, Not Demagoguery

Instead of promoting a rational, reasoned response to the swine flu outbreak, global health officials helped inflame sentiment against immigrants in the United States and across the globe.

They Voted for One Iraq

This month’s provincial elections reaffirm Iraqis’ national identity, signal rejection of outside influence.

Georgia, Iraq, and Athenian Justice

Russia didn’t have to look back to ancient times to learn how to invade another country.

The Costs of War for Oil

We have to decide, as a nation, whether our need for Middle Eastern oil is more important to our future than our conduct as a moral and ethical people.

Victory in Iraq?

While the American people are seeking a way to bring the troops home from Iraq, the President and his administration are aiming to stay for much longer.

Iraqis in Despair

While politicians in Washington argue over the future of Iraq, half a world away a bloody battle for the soul of Iraq is being fought by Iraqis who are paying a high price for the U.S. occupation.

Sprouting from Inequality: The Root of the Middle East Crises

Too often the inequities between Israelis and Palestinians are overlooked.

At War with Syria and Iran: The Neo-Cons May Get Their Wish

Sounding a similar note, the neocons push for war again.

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