Sarah Anderson directs the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies and is a co-editor of the IPS web site Sarah’s research covers a wide range of international and domestic economic issues, including inequality, Wall Street reform, CEO pay, taxes, labor, and international trade and investment. Sarah is a well-known expert on executive compensation, as the lead author of more than 20 annual “Executive Excess” reports that have received extensive media coverage.

During the Obama administration, she served on the Investment Subcommittee of the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy (ACIEP). In 2009, this subcommittee carried out a review of the U.S. model bilateral investment treaty. In 2000, she served on the staff of the bipartisan International Financial Institutions Advisory Commission (“Meltzer Commission”), commissioned by the U.S. Congress to evaluate the World Bank and IMF. Sarah is a co-author of the books Field Guide to the Global Economy (New Press, 2nd edition, 2005) and Alternatives to Economic Globalization (Berrett-Koehler, 2nd edition, 2004).

Prior to coming to IPS in 1992, Sarah was a consultant to the U.S. Agency for International Development and an editor for the Deutsche Presse-Agentur. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from The American University and a BA in Journalism from Northwestern University.


Help Wanted: Slow and Expensive Accountant

Fortune 500 company is seeking a highly unproductive senior accountant to help inflate the cost of complying with a new federal law requiring that all publicly held corporations disclose the ratio between their CEO and median worker pay.

Restaurant Industry Pay: Taxpayers’ Double Burden

New report shows that while restaurant executives are fighting living wages for their workers, they’re also benefiting from tax subsidies for their own pay.

Wall Street Bonuses and the Minimum Wage

The New York financial industry’s bonus pool exceeded the annual earnings of the more than 1 million Americans who work full-time at the federal minimum wage.

Celebrities, European Leaders Push for Final Deal on Wall Street Tax

A new viral video with Andrew Lincoln of “The Walking Dead” is one more setback for financial industry lobbyists fighting a financial transaction tax.

Harry Potter, Walking Dead Celebrities Team Up to Promote Wall Street Tax

Some of Europe’s biggest film stars promote a financial transaction tax, which Wall Street lobbyists and their European counterparts fiercely oppose.

Four Things Obama Should Say During his State of the Union Address

IPS experts weigh in on inequality, taxes, global trade deals, and global talks with Syria and Iran.

Fast Food Corporations “Exploiting Workers and Taxpayers”

Sarah Anderson, author of new report “Fast-food CEOs Rake in Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay,” reveals how taxpayers are funding both the bottom and top of the fast food industry on Democracy Now!

Fast Food CEOs Gorge on Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

New report shows that while top fast food executives are fighting living wages for their workers, they’re benefiting from tax breaks on their own pay.

Fast Food CEOs Rake in Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

A new report reveals that fast food companies are pocketing massive taxpayer subsidies for CEO pay while working to keep low-level workers’ wages so low that many must rely on public assistance.

Platinum-Plated Pensions

In the current budget debate, the loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from two lobby groups led by CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

SEC Issues Strong Rule on CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

IPS executive compensation experts available to comment on SEC rule released today.

Time to End the Long Stall on Disclosing CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

IPS executive compensation experts available to comment on SEC rules expected Wednesday

The CEO ‘Performance Pay’ Charade

For too long, taxpayers have borne the burden of this scam.

How Highly Paid CEOs Rip Off Their Companies and the Public Via Fraud and Walk Away With Their Pockets Bulging

Just one example of a corporate culture that rewards executives for behavior that hurts workers, taxpayers, and shareholders.

Why Supersized CEO Pay Is the Worst – in Three Charts

Unpacking the data highlights all the problems with excessive executive paychecks.

Executive Excess 2013: Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted

Nearly 40 percent of the CEOs on the highest-paid lists from the past 20 years were eventually “bailed out, booted, or busted.”

20 Years of Executive Excess

Since 1994, Executive Excess has reported annually on excessive CEO compensation.

Senate Bill Would Reduce Taxpayer Subsidies for CEO Pay

A new bill would close a corporate tax loophole that promotes executive excess. IPS has been calling for a fix to this outrageous glitch in the tax code for two decades.

The Dirt on Fix the Debt’s Advocacy of a Territorial Tax System

The “Fix the Debt” lobby group called a recent IPS report “lies and mudslinging.” But rather than attacking IPS research, the group may want to focus on resolving their own inconsistencies.

New Report: Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean

A new report looks at pro-austerity CEOs who seek to widen tax haven loopholes.

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