Fellow Phyllis Bennis directs the New Internationalism Project at IPS, focusing on Middle East, U.S. wars and UN issues. She is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. In 2001 she helped found and remains active with the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights. She works with many anti-war organizations, writing and speaking widely across the U.S. and around the world as part of the global peace movement. She has served as an informal adviser to several top UN officials on Middle East issues and was twice short-listed to become the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Phyllis has written and edited eleven books. Among her latest is Understanding ISIS & the New Global War on Terror: A Primer, as well as the just-published 7th updated edition of her popular Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. She has also written Before & After: US Foreign Policy and the War on Terror and Challenging Empire: How People, Governments and the UN Defy U.S. Power.

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Phyllis Bennis: Netanyahu or Herzog, Little Will Change in Israeli Policy

While there is a difference in rhetoric between the two leaders, the Israeli elections are not likely to have much impact on changing policies on settlements or Iran.

Rift Between Obama and Netanyahu Deepens After Speech

“What we’re looking at right now is the possibility of changing the U.S.’ uncritical support of Israel — for the first time,” says Phyllis Bennis on Al Jazeera.

Netanyahu Threatens War In Speech to Congress

Netanyahu kept the focus of Congress and the U.S. media squarely where he wanted it—on Iran, away from Palestine, settlements, assaults on Gaza, violations of international law.

Netanyahu on a Destructive Path

Phyllis Bennis discusses the significance of the escalating tensions between President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and the threat to Iran negotiations.

What Is Going To End the War in Syria?

Phyllis Bennis, Jill Filipovic, James Traub, and Asra Nomani join The Last Word to discuss what type of strategy is needed to end the terror attacks from the Islamic State.

Authorities Too Quick To Rule Out Terrorism in Chapel Hill Shooting

Domestic terrorism has been quickly ruled out of the killing of three young Muslim students.

‘Network of Ideology’ Fueling ISIS

Lawrence O’Donnell discusses the recent terrorist attacks in Denmark and North Africa with Phyllis Bennis.

Is War Against ISIS the Answer?

President Obama’s requests from Congress to authorize the use of military force against the Islamic State. Phyllis Bennis joins MSNBC’s The Last Word to discuss the authorization and Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

The Military Option ‘Has Failed’ in the Middle East

Phyllis Bennis joins MSNBC’s The Last Word to discuss why current U.S. military strategy against ISIS isn’t working and what alternative strategies should be used instead.

Palestine-Israel in the Midst of Middle East Crises

Phyllis Bennis discusses the multiplying crises on the ground across the Middle East, including developments inside Palestine, between the U.S. and Israel, and within the U.S. Jewish community.

Hezbollah and Israel Call for De-escalation in the Golan Heights

Two Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday in retaliation for the killing of six Hezbollah fighters, including a son of a revered leader and an Iranian general.

Obama v. Boehner: A Netanyahu Story

Benjamin Netanyahu will lobby Congress from the same podium where President Obama gave the State of the Union at the invite of John Boehner. Phyllis Bennis and Michael Tomasky join MSNBC’s The Last Word to discuss why.

Boehners’ Invitation to Netanyahu a Provocation Aimed at War with Iran

Phyllis Bennis says the invitation issued to Netanyahu to speak to U.S. Congress, and the call for more sanctions against Iran, is a call for war

Boehner Invites Netanyahu to U.S. Congress Without Consulting the White House

Phyllis Bennis joins Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word: “This goes beyond partisan politics — it is more urgently involved with the question of negotiations with Iran.”

Phyllis Bennis: As Obama Hails “Turning Page” on Wars, U.S. Drone Strikes Continue Across Globe

“It’s a rather shocking level of authorization to go to war anywhere in the world for as long as you want, against whoever you say, without any checks and balances,” she says.

Class War Is Being Waged by the Rich Against the Poor

Phyllis Bennis joins Ralph Nader and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston to discuss inequality in the State of the Union address on Democracy Now!.

Do Demonstrations Matter?

Phyllis Bennis and filmmaker Amir Amirani discuss the largest mobilization of people in human history — the 2003 protest against the invasion of Iraq — and its relevance to today.

Will ICC Membership Bring Justice to Stateless and Occupied Palestinians?

In a move opposed by the United States and Israel, Palestinian leaders have submitted a request to join the International Criminal Court and sign over a dozen other international treaties.

Palestinian Statehood: A Lost Cause?

The United Nations Security Council has again undermined efforts to end the Israeli occupation.

Just “Ending the Violence” Isn’t Enough

Following the attacks on a synagogue in Jerusalem by two Palestinian youths, Phyllis Bennis discusses the significant role of Israeli and U.S. policies in the escalating conflict.

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