Michael Busch, a Foreign Policy In Focus contributor, teaches international relations at the City College of New York and serves as research associate at the Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies. He is currently working on a doctorate in political science at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.


In Mexico, No Matter Which Party Holds the Reins, the People Lose

The war on the narcotraffickers also serves as a pretext for militarizing areas of Mexico that have strong traditions of social resistance.

Deregulation and Free Trade a Win-Win for Mexican Narcotraffickers

Part 1 of an interview with “Drug War Mexico” co-author Peter Watt.

Is the Threat of a “Mafia State” Real?

And what is the relationship of transnational organized crime to state power?

Multinationals Use International Tribunals to Overpower Nation-States

Multinational corporations often override domestic laws.

Honduras Coup Delivering a Bloody Return on Washington’s Military Investment

A combined Honduras police-DEA raid apparently left innocents dead.

Mexicans Romanticizing Drug Kingpins Reflects Lack of Confidence in the Rule of Law

It’s not fair to blame Mexicans for portraying cartel operators as Robin Hoods when their police are often corrupt and their president’s policies ineffective.

Arrest of Mexican General for Cartel Connections May Be Purely Political

Mexican attempt to clean up corruption may not be what it seems.

Fighting Drug Cartels Exposes Mexican Military to Corruption

Shortly after Mexican President Felipe Calderon ordered the military to deal with drug trafficking, the cartels began openly offering soldiers jobs.

Free-Trade Deal May Prove Greater Obstacle to Colombian Peace Than FARC

The agreement signed by Colombia and the United States may drive impoverished farmers to grow coca and strengthen FARC.

U.S. and E.U. Chase Pirates on to Somali Soil

Vivid memories of “Black Hawk Down” mean attacks will be confined to air strikes.

Foreign Policy Magazine Analyst Stokes Fears About Mexican-style Drug War in Venezuela

In fact, he raises the specter of civil war in Venezuela.

Honduras: Sovereignty for Sale

A suffocated economy is the least of Honduras’s concerns.

Mexican President Calderon: Kingpin of the Kingpin Strategy

Mexico’s elections will determine if current President Felipe Calderon’s bloody strategy of targeting cartel leaders will endure.

Truce Between Salvador’s Maras for Real — for Now

The most significant story in Central America right now is also the most underreported.

Promoting Democracy in Iran Is Not Only Wishful Thinking, But Belligerent

Ethics aside, democracy promotion in Iran would take too long to prevent an attack by the West.

Administration Buys Lies About Iran Using Latin America as Base for Terrorism

The Obama administration has drunk the right-wing Kool-aid about Iran sowing the seeds of terror in Latin America.

Questioning Intervention in Syria: A Response to Anne-Marie Slaughter

Anne-Marie Slaughter, former Director of Policy Planning for the Obama administration, advises bypassing the U.N. Security Council and intervening in Syria.

Bad-Judgment Jonathan Incites Public, Boko Haram

Can Nigeria’s government manage public dissatisfaction with the economy, ethnic divisions, and the violent Boko Haram? An interview with former ambassador to Nigeria John Campbell.

Jeffrey Sachs’s Metamorphosis From Neoliberal Shock Trooper to Bleeding Heart Hits a Snag

No economic crisis would be complete without Jeffrey Sachs’s two cents.