Actor and activist Danny Glover has been invested in transformational movements since his college years, where he helped organize a five-month long student strike at San Francisco State University that led to the creation of the first School of Ethnic Studies in the country.

Since then, he’s protested the Vietnam War, fought against colonialism and racism in Africa, and has advocated for more access to education and economic opportunities. He’s served as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program and a UNICEF ambassador.


Hugo Chavez Frias: In Memory, Solidarity, Commitment to Participatory Democracy and Justice in Peace

A year after the death of Hugo Chavez Frias, we take time to reflect about his life, his virtues and limitations, his public promises, achievements and unfinished work. Chavez was a bold thinker, uncompromising in his goal of constructing a new, just, economically productive Venezuela.

Why Chavez Won Again

Life has improved for a great number of Venezuelans over the last decade.

Danny Glover’s Letelier-Moffitt Award Speech

When the Great Recession struck, City Life/Vida Urbana was there, confronting bank power with people power.

A Move to Free the Cuban Five

We visited Gerardo Hernandez at a maximum-security prison in Victorville, CA – as new court filings show the U.S. government paid Miami-based journalists to file negative stories about the Cuban Five.

Visiting Gerardo Hernandez in Federal Prison

We visited Gerardo Hernandez for the fifth time and, as usual, his spirits seemed higher than ours despite the fact that he resides in a maximum-security federal prison.

Visiting Gerardo of the Cuban Five Once Again

A chronicle of a visit to the Cuban Five agent in a California prison shows tight security and endless longing for justice.


    Why Chavez Won Again

    TransAfrica Forum | November 5, 2012

    A Move to Free the Cuban Five

    Truthout | August 28, 2012