Exactly Why Is President Obama Going to Israel?

Both Israel and the United States seek to quash expectations that the visit will jump-start the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Will Obama Back Israeli Punishment of Palestinians for U.N. Overture?

If the General Assembly approves Palestine’s application for non-member status, Israel’s isolation from the international community would only grow.

Washington’s Problem in the Middle East: Policy, Not Personality

Should President Obama hold Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah’s hand like George W. Bush did?

Condi Rice Rumor Reveals Divisions in Romney Camp and on the Right

Condoleezza Rice may be more interested in becoming Mitt Romney’s running mate than previously thought.

Depth of Republican Enthusiasm for Condi Rice Matched by Lack Thereof for Romney

Republicans’ excitement about Condi Rice may be a measure of how little they feel for Mitt Romney as presidential candidate.

Argentina’s President Takes It on the Chin for Placing Her People’s Needs Over the Markets

Argentina’s nationalization of a renegade energy company evokes outrage in the international press.

The “Hot Potato” of the Summit of the Americas: Cuba’s Absence

In the future a Summit of the Americas without Cuba may be a Summit of the Americas without much of the Americas.

Alignment of Views on the Middle East a Little Too Serendipitous

Reports of the death of Palestinian hopes have been greatly exaggerated.

“October Surprise” by Israel Could Sink Obama’s Re-election Chances

Zbigniew Brzezinski is among those who fear that Israel will ignore U.S. objections and attack Iran.

Gaddafi Took Knowledge of Where Bodies Were Buried to the Grave

A sigh of relief undoubtedly went up in transatlantic capitals when Gaddafi was killed.

U.S. Congress a Standard Bearer for Israeli Expansion

Earlier this month, Rep. Joe Walsh and 30 co-sponsors issued a resolution supporting Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

Germans Now Draw as Much of Afghans’ Ire as Americans

Anti-German sentiment by Afghans peaked when German troops shot Afghan protesters on May 18.

Enabled by Obama, Netanyahu Attempts to Hold Back the Tide of History

Fawned over by U.S. Congress, President Netanyahu seems to be leaving Israel the legacy of pariah state status.

AFRICOM’s General Ham Waging War from Djibouti

AFRICOM morphs from aid and diplomacy to militarizing U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Will Protests Prompt Obama to Focus on Economic Development and Human Rights in Africa?

“Le Gabon n’est pas une monarchie,” read the banner of one Gabon protester.