WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Institute for Policy Studies, a long-time supporter of unions and the labor movement, is proud to join a growing number of progressive non-profit organizations in welcoming a union into our ranks.

A group of employees of the Institute for Policy Studies have chosen to be represented by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild of the Communications Workers of America (CWA). IPS quickly and voluntarily recognized the union. On June 11, a neutral arbitrator formally conducted a card check to verify that a sufficient number of staff members had agreed to join the union.

The Institute for Policy Studies welcomed the formation of the new union as another step in building a more diverse, equitable, and democratic workplace. IPS has had a close working relationship with the AFL-CIO and a number of other unions for decades.

“I look forward to building a collaborative relationship with the staff union as we continue to strengthen IPS’s leadership on justice, equity, peace, and the environment,” said Tope Folarin, Executive Director of the Institute for Policy Studies. “We’re proud of our employees for helping to build the labor movement. I believe this is an important development that will equip IPS to better address the many challenges that face us.”

“IPS has a long history of working with and assisting labor movements, something I know first hand from my work with the American Postal Workers Union,” union member and Inequality Research Analyst Brian Wakamo says. “It’s time we embody the ideals that the Institute has been working towards for decades. We look forward to working with management to create a stronger and more democratic workplace.”

“I have watched the wave of unionization sweeping across the non-profit sector leave organizations stronger, ” said IPS Board Chair Sarita Gupta, as she welcomed the development. “With more unionization, employees deepen their commitment to the mission and the goals of the organization and ensure workers’ voices are heard.”

For interviews or quotes, please contact IPS Media Manager Olivia Alperstein at (202) 704-9011 or olivia@ips-dc.org.

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For nearly six decades, the Institute for Policy Studies has provided critical research support for major social movements and progressive leaders inside and outside government and on the ground around the United States and the world. As the nation’s oldest progressive multi-issue think tank, IPS turns bold ideas into action through public scholarship and mentorship of the next generation of progressive scholars and activists.


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