Donald Trump has stolen the mantra of the anti-war movement. His constant claim that he’s “ending endless wars” is not only demonstrably false; it’s also turning way too many anti-Trump politicians and pundits (and plenty of others too) into supporters of war, just because Trump says he’s against it.

Right now, public opinion polls show that Americans really do want to end these endless wars. But too many people in power—from mainstream media editorial writers to elected officials at every level, especially Democrats—ignore that reality, and end up focusing more on Trump’s fake words than on his real actions.

Right now, we should have broad, deep, and vibrant movements across this country challenging US support for Saudi Arabia’s ongoing massacre of civilians in Yemen. We should see teach-ins on every campus and in every house of worship on the threat of a US war against Iran resulting from Trump’s rejection of diplomacy and abandonment of the nuclear deal. And we should be cheering as every progressive social movement—supporting everything from the Green New Deal to Medicare for All to free college education to a new jobs program—is demanding that the bloated military budget be slashed to pay for those big-idea projects.

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Phyllis Bennis directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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