Simmering Water War

Boneheaded executives and greed-headed investors might be draining the fresh water supplies where you live.

No Message on the Bottle

Bottlers need to label the source of their water and provide honest information on their bottles instead of making spurious marketing claims.

Atrazine on the Rocks? No Thanks

Questions arise about the reliability of data in company-produced studies the EPA considers when determining whether drinking water is safe.

Let’s Chuck the Bottle

Chances are that your city’s tap water, which is inspected several times daily, is at least as pure (and often more so) than the pricey stuff.

Asian Armageddon?

All this talk of peace runs straight up against the major increases in military spending and the acquisition of ever more sophisticated weaponry.

The Post-Abundance Era

The Post-Abundance Era

We’re so beyond the Cold War and September 11th that we’ve entered a new era altogether. FPIF columnist Michael T. Klare warns us all to get ready and tighten our belts.