Dance and Child Soldiers

Dance and Child Soldiers

Dance/movement therapy can help child soldiers deal with trauma and postwar reconciliation.

Iraq in Fragments

The gulf between the rhetoric of withdrawal and the reality on the ground grows wider each day the occupation continues.

U.S. Role in Georgia Crisis

The United States did not simply watch from the sidelines during the war between Russia and Georgia.

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil

Russia and Georgia: All About Oil

Columnist Michael Klare explains that the war between Russia and Georgia centers around a critical oil pipeline that runs through South Ossetia and that Russia doesn’t control.

Die Hard

The war that broke out last week between Russia and Georgia is a terrifying reminder that the disintegration of the Soviet Union is far from over.

Going for the Gold

Forty years after the historic 1968 Olympics, the eyes of the world are focused on Beijing.

Will He or Won’t He?

Will George W. Bush, prodded by his pitchfork-wielding vice president, bomb Iran before the end of his term?

The Erased

Just recently, the stories of the Erased are starting to appear all over the Slovene capital of Ljubljana, from bus shelters to huge canvasses on the facade of a downtown building under reconstruction.

Fair Dinkum Leadership

He may not be perfect, but Kevin Rudd is a refreshing change from the last seven years of John Howard the Bush Kangaroo.

Granny Peace Brigade’s AFRICOM Teach-In

Granny Peace Brigade’s AFRICOM Teach-In

The Granny Peace Brigade’s Teach-In examines the implications of the new U.S. military command infrastructure, AFRICOM; and the direct threat to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of peace, economic justice, and racial harmony AFRICOM poses on the 40th anniversary of his assassination.

AFRICOM would be the sixth Defense Department regional military command, and according to the Pentagon, would consolidate all U.S. functions (Agriculture, Commerce, Treasury, Peace Corps, and others) under its jurisdiction. The department expects to be "fully operational" in October 2008 but the only African nation willing to house the command’s continental headquarters is Liberia. Currently, AFRICOM is based in Stuttgart-Moehringen, Germany.

Vinie Burrows, actor, writer, and member of the New York Granny Peace Brigade will moderate the program.


Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies
Horace Campbell, professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University
Frida Berrigan, senior research associate at the Arms Trade Resource Center, World Policy Institute
Sonia Sanchez, poet, educator, and member of the Philadelphia Granny Peace Brigade

Admission is free. Donations are welcomed. Doors will open at 1:15 PM, and light refreshments will be available. For more information, call (212) 865-7875.

Founded in 2005 in opposition to the Iraq occupation, the Granny Peace Brigade stands for peace and condemns the use of military force to resolve conflicts.

Illustrating War

Illustrating War

A recent exhibition shows that the illustrator’s pen is mightier than the sword.