The Lineup: Week of October 18-24, 2010

Andrew Korfhage calls on Congress to get chocolate companies to stop using suppliers that rely on enslaved child labor while Jim Hightower explains that Afghanistan remains the world’s biggest producer of poppies–the main ingredient in heroin.

The Lineup: Week of October 11-17, 2010

Terry O’Neill reminds us that Alan Simpson is still co-chairing Obama’s deficit commission weeks after his unbelievable Social Security gaffe and Sam Pizzigati points out the government is redistributing wealth in a way that makes the rich richer.

The Lineup: Week of September 27-October 3, 2010

Donald Kaul defends Keynes, Jim Hightower asks readers to help him overcome his loss for words, and William A. Collins shines a light on the government’s domestic surveillance programs.