The Commons and Resource Rights

The Commons and Resource Rights

Can a commons framework be used to protect the resource rights of local communities?   Join us for this learning call in which Maude Barlow will discuss the major campaign spearheaded by her organization to establish the Great Lakes as a public commons.  Using this campaign as a case, Maude will discuss how using the commons framework can help to protect the rights of the local communities to their resources, what has been learned from this specific campaign, and how she views the connections between a commons framework and a rights-based approach.

Prospects and Challenges of the Africa Mining Vision

Two decades after the World Bank took the lead in liberalizing mining codes across Africa, the continent is united on the need to reform their mining codes to derive greater benefits. In 2008, the African Union adopted the African Mining Vision (AMV) 2050, which lays out a roadmap to achieve mining reforms on Africa’s own terms. Under the directive of the AU, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) constituted a body known as the International Study Group (ISG) to produce a report that would provide an intellectual basis for translating the AMV into policy. The report has been produced and was validated at a continent-wide meeting organised by the AU/UNECA in October 2010.

Are ‘African Lions’ Really Roaring?

Patrick Bond makes a stinging critique of the recent report of the African Development Bank that claims that ‘one in three Africans is middle class’ and as a result, Africa is ready for ‘take off’.

Taxes and the Common Good

It’s time to reform our tax system — to quit rewarding obscene wealth, Wall Street gambling, and corporate polluters.