New Thinking on Cutting the Deficit

We could cut $1 trillion over the next decade in the defense budget, without compromising national security. It’s time to trim the fat on this sacred cow.

Coverups in Afghanistan

The Pentagon’s slow response to civilian deaths and subsequent cover-ups points to a much deeper problem in U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Sunrise or Sunset for Iraq?

Sunrise or Sunset for Iraq?

The Pentagon is now calling its operation in Iraq “New Dawn.” But for Iraqis, as columnist Frida Berrigan points out, it just means same occupiers, different day.

Asia: C+

Asia: C+

The first Pacific president did pretty well on Asia policy — except for mishandling relations with Japan.

Legitimacy in Afghanistan

Escalation has just brought more death and destruction. More escalation could close off opportunities for a political solution.

Why the Afghan Surge Will Fail

President Obama is on the verge of making a profound mistake by sending more troops to Afghanistan, argues columnist Conn Hallinan.

Conference: ‘Rolling Back Militarism: A Task for the Global Movement’

At this time of global economic and environmental crisis, join activists from International & US based NGOs to find the opportunity – this conference is an invitation to engage in a strategic process, to examine our campaigning priorities and options, to explore new ways to challenge the militarism we see around us, and to build international connections and partnerships.

• Learn ways to help constituents begin to break with the culture and practice of militarism that is now a U.S. legacy• Set strategies to achieve more collaborative, peace-oriented policies from the Obama administration.• Rebuild relations between US peace movement(s), partners abroad, & key leaders from sister organizations.• Forge new alliances and exchange proposals for future joint work.

Emira Woods will be presenting the keynote address in this conference, and Phyllis Bennis will lead a presentation. For more information, you can read the conference flyer or register at