Okinawa and the Changing U.S.-Japan Alliance

Okinawa and the Changing U.S.-Japan Alliance

The conflict over an aging U.S. military base in Okinawa has not gone away. Rather, it illustrates the very different ideas that Washington and Tokyo have about their alliance.

War Crimes Then and Now

The only ones the Afghan war makes safer are the war profiteers pocketing billion-dollar contracts — and the politicians pocketing campaign contributions in return.

Congressional Briefing: A Unified Security Budget for the United States

Key members of the administration’s National Security team—Deputy Secretary Lynn and Secretary Clinton among them—and key congressional leaders have expressed support for a National Security Budget that would allow the overall balance of resources devoted to military forces, homeland security and non-military international affairs to be considered as an integrated whole.

Just Security: Conclusion

Security is not just about the military. When we speak of security, we are talking about freedom from military conflicts and terrorist attacks. But we also believe that security involves access to sufficient food and shelter, good health care and good jobs, a clean environment and well-functioning, accountable political structures.