Enough War Already

Enough War Already

Bring home the troops, military advisers, counter-terrorism experts, and the euphemisms.

Coalition of the Billing

Award-winning journalist Jeremy Scahill discusses the growing use of mercenaries by the United States government.

Postcard From…Kigali

Postcard From…Kigali

Paul Kagame is on track to win a second term as Rwanda’s president. But he is increasingly isolated, both domestically and internationally.

The Trillion-Dollar Question

The trillion-dollar war bill and a half-billion-dollar jet fighter engine are connected in a way that goes beyond their status as budget items.

War Crimes Then and Now

The only ones the Afghan war makes safer are the war profiteers pocketing billion-dollar contracts — and the politicians pocketing campaign contributions in return.

AFRICOM Rally and Protest

AFRICOM Rally and Protest

On October 27th, military contractors and mercenaries will come to DC to attend a conference on "Engaging AFRICOM." Under the umbrella of the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA), these contractors will discuss opportunities for making money off of the Pentagon’s new military command.

IPOA only encourages and enables the militarization of Africa through AFRICOM. U.S. Government spending — our tax dollars — shouldn’t enable the Department of Defense to pursue its Middle East agenda in Africa.

Whether victims of domestic policing or foreign occupation, anti-war activists or liberation fighters, environmentalists or people of faith, citizens must stand united against the military’s newest exertion of power.

Join us to protest AFRICOM and the IPOA Conference. Speakers and musicians will take the stage at Taft Memorial Park for a rally, followed by a protest outside the IPOA Conference at the Liaison Hotel.

For more information, or to get involved,  please contact:

Saif Rahman, Institute for Policy Studies, 202-234-9382 x 254; saif@ips-dc.org
And check out the Resist AFRICOM site.