The Global Consensus on Drugs is “Shattered”

The Global Consensus on Drugs is “Shattered”

Drug policy expert Sanho Tree tells CCTV that two different worlds are developing. While the Americas are moving towards legalization, other countries are clamping down harder on drug laws.

Pot is Passed in DC: What Now?

Pot is Passed in DC: What Now?

As DC residents voted overwhelmingly for marijuana legalization, this panel, moderated by Sanho Tree of IPS’ Drug Policy Project, will discuss next steps for D.C.’s marijuana legalization initiative.

Third Rail Politics at the 2011 Seattle Hempfest

The way things get done in Washington, D.C. depends on closed door whispering. It is time to develop a non-binding straw poll to put partisan concerns aside for the sake of America.

A Peaceful End to the War on Drugs?

The international war on drugs isn’t stopping drug use or trafficking — but it is ruining lives. Drug policy expert Sanho Tree on what we can do differently.

Central America: ‘Deadliest Non-War Zone’

The Department of Defense has announced that Mexico will receive $51 million for fiscal year 2011. According to military officials the drug war has grown to rival the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We ask if throwing more money at the situation, or even more American troops, work? Institute for Policy Studies’ Sanho Tree explains.

End the Pot Prohibition

Let’s make getting busted for marijuana possession like getting a speeding ticket.