The Great White Mancave

The Great White Mancave

A study of three prominent op-ed sections highlights their byline diversity problem and the conservative tilt of the nation’s top columnists.

News Flash: Americans Aren’t Anti-Worker

Polls have found Wisconsin Gov. Walker’s union-busting tactics to be widely unpopular despite the major media’s presumption that the opposite would be true.

The Media Flunks WikiLeaks 101

Pressures are mounting internationally for us to behave ourselves, as we have recently been forced to do in Egypt.

Hidden From Headlines: The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010

“The late New York University media scholar Neil Postman once said about America, ‘We are the best entertained least informed society in the world.’ That was twenty-five years ago and after two-plus decades of more deregulation and the growth of conglomerates in the media, that trend has continued.” Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff will discuss how corporate news media distracts Americans from crucial information by replacing it with a steady diet “of tabloidized, trivialized, and outright useless information laden with personal anecdotes, scandals, and gossip.”

McClellan Right: Press Too Deferential

The former White House press secretary is right: mainstream journalists were “deferential, complicit enablers” in the lead up to the Iraq War. But Congress surrendered its voice and failed to question the intelligence.

The Quagmire in Iraq

Facts and figures on the mounting human and fiscal costs of the Iraq War to the United States and Iraq.