The Return of Waterboarding?

The Return of Waterboarding?

Presidential candidates are praising it. Former administration officials are defending it. Will the United States backtrack on torture?

Mass Killing: a Higher Calling?

In war-time, casting aside concern for the fate of your soul when killing is the ultimate sacrifice for your country.

Americas Musharraf Dilemma

Hardliners in Washington want Pakistan’s leader to crack down on terrorists, but hardliners in Islamabad are deeply ambivalent. What’s a poor dictator to do?

Dude, Where Are My Rights?

The Bush administration has launched Round Two of its assault on the Constitution. Now it’s habeas corpus in the crosshairs.

The Brass on Iraq

With the Army Times calling for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation, will the Joint Chiefs of Staff have the courage to speak out against the errors of the Iraq War?