ADNA - Obama's Policy Toward the African Continent

A new statement spotlights three points of concern from members of the Africa Advocacy Network (ADNA):
1. Militarization of US policy toward Africa;
2. Food, Agricultural Investment, Land Grabs;
3. Financial Integrity and Economic Development.


Advocacy Network for Africa Forum (ADNA Forum)

Informing and Mobilizing US Grassroots Advocacy

Our History

Under the name of the Southern Africa Working Group (SAWG), this network was founded to share information and mobilize action in solidarity with the anti-Apartheid and grassroots liberation movements of the Southern African countries still remaining under white minority rule. With the successes of those movements during the late 80s and early 90s, SAWG needed to rename itself and define a new agenda. Adopting the new name – The Advocacy Network for Africa (ADNA) – it took up the task of addressing a broad spectrum of US/Africa foreign policy issues, with an expanded focus on sub-Saharan Africa, and some attention to the northern African countries.

Militarization of the African continent is one of the topics discussed in the ADNA statement.In 2008 ADNA’s name was changed to ADNA Forum. For information on meetings and activities please contact Rocco Puopolo of Africa Faith and Justice Network ( or Emira Woods of Foreign Policy in Focus (, Institute for Policy Studies.

Today, ADNA has three primary objectives:

  • In Washington, DC we work to raise the level of understanding and attention to current events in Africa and in International policy and funding with Members of Congress, with the President, with key Administration officials, and in international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank.
  • Additionally, we work nationally and internationally through the organizational members and contact networks to increase the flow of dependable and timely action-oriented information shared among the Africa advocacy community here in the US, and between US-based groups and African grassroots groups.
  • Finally, we mobilize progressive US voters across the country to be politically active on key US/Africa and International policy issues.

What We DoAgriculture and Land Grabs are issues discussed in the ADNA statement prior to Obama's trip to Africa.

The key to mounting effective popular political pressure on policy makers at the national and international level is to build a broad based, well-informed and persistently active constituency, especially where those officials are elected and accountable to the citizens. Collaboration among our organizations expands our reach and magnifies our effect. We share background information and action strategies such as situation updates from our partners in Africa, Action Alerts, petition campaigns, letter-writing and call-in campaigns, advocacy days, public vigils and demonstrations, and other creative ideas through an e-mail communications system.

Meeting Facilitators

Contacts for ADNA Forum include Rocco Puopolo of Africa Faith and Justice Network (, and Emira Woods, Foreign Policy In Focus, Insitute for Policy Studies ( Meetings are monthly, normally on the first Tuesday of each month.


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