Here’s the latest evidence that the so-called War on Drugs simply can’t be won: Narco subs.

“Several decades ago, Samsonite suitcases and underwear refashioned with hidden pockets enabled upstart smugglers to carry drugs across borders. Today, narco-subs are at the cutting edge of smuggling technology,” VBS.TV recently reported. Narco what? Yes, drug traffickers have jerry-rigged artisanal submarines to smuggle their cargo out of Colombia.

“Despite being built off the grid, having a ramshackle appearance, and occasionally malfunctioning at sea, narco-subs are increasingly used by traffickers to carry millions of dollars of illicit cargo, while evading some of the world’s most technologically advanced military equipment,” according to VBS.TV.

As Sanho Tree asked in his OtherWords op-ed back in October: The Drug War has Failed. What’s Next?

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