This morning we stand in solidarity with the millions seeking safety, dignity, justice, and hope. Our systems have failed us. It is clearer now than ever before that radical change, with social movements at the front, is our only way forward. We believe everyone has a right to thrive on a planet where all communities are equitable, democratic, peaceful, and sustainable.

IPS began our work in 1963, and today we remember how vision, resilience, and organizing helped see us all through dark times over the past 53 years. We will move forward beyond hate and fear, and will continue to fight for the rights of all people, and especially those who would be targeted by hate, bigotry, and xenophobia because of who they are. We will continue to stand up for our planet, too.

There are also some bright spots. Millions of people have voted for justice and democracy through ballot initiatives and new representation — including women of color — at the local and state level, and over the next four years there will be hundreds of opportunities to build from these victories.

We will continue to do our work and to serve as a resource to social movements — racial and gender justice, peace and diplomacy, climate change, economic and social inequality, and poverty. Beyond legislation and elections, the work to transform systems and structures is primary.

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