FPIF Senior Analyst, Mark Engler, is a writer based in New York City and senior analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus. He is author of How to Rule the World: The Coming Battle Over the Global Economy (Nation Books, 2008).

An activist originally from Des Moines, Iowa, Mark also serves as a commentator for the Institute for Public Accuracy and for the Mainstream Media Project.


When the Betting Goes Bad

A review of “Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics, and the Crisis of American Capitalism,” by Kevin Phillips (Viking, 2008).

Obama Should Stay Tough On Trade

Which way will the candidates fall on the free trade deal with Colombia?

The Democrats "Free Trade" Divide

“Free trade,” a key issue in the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, is behind some of the most contentious political debates of our times.

Mexico: Allow More Time for Democracy

This op-ed ran in Newsday on July 14, 2006.

Mexico’s Democratic Transition Still Incomplete

Recent months in Mexico have been marked by a campaign of fear against López Obrador.

Still Waiting For Debt Relief

Much more work remains to be done to eliminate unjust debts that stifle countries in the developing world.

Politicizing Aid

Can progressives in good conscience demand increased international aid under Randall Tobias, Bush’s pick for director of foreign assistance? Not likely.

Bolivia’s Charge to the Left

Demonizing Morales will not advance our true national interests of promoting freedom and human development. But cheering an independent and democratic Bolivia just might.

The Last Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is best known around the globe, especially among those inclined to hold a critical opinion of capitalism, corporate power, and U.S. military aggression, as the original home of the World Social Forum.

Historic Victories, New Challenges

How 100% debt cancellation for poor countries–now being debated by wealthy nations–was transformed from an implausible demand into a winning issue, and what barriers lie ahead for the debt relief movement.

The Trouble With CAFTA

CAFTA is a bad deal, one that promises to extend the harmful impacts of NAFTA to Mexico’s weaker southern neighbors.

John Paul II’s Economic Ethics

John Paul’s vision of globalization sharply countered the pro-corporate triumphalism spread by “free trade” boosters.

“Bush’s Free-Trade Pact is a Heavy Lift”

While the Bush administration still aspires to ward off defeat, it is becoming increasingly clear that its failure to pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement represents the latest in a series of setbacks for its sputtering trade agenda.

“Debt Relief a Big Victory for Activists”

Observers have often remarked in recent years that globalization demonstrators have won the moral argument about trade and development, yet have not been able to translate their positions into policy.

“El Salvador and Iraq: Pursuit of Freedom Demands Truth at Home”

Today we would do well to remember Romero as an example of moral courage in a time of war. But his story is also significant because El Salvador has repeatedly been used by the current Bush administration as a parallel for the situation in Iraq.

“Waving Off Debt”

Despite an increase in promised aid to tsunami-affected countries last week, the United States’ aid offering still isn’t topping the list. Australia, for one, has donated much more. But the United States could make up for its somewhat meager offering by f

Are the War and Globalization Really Connected?

One strength of truly progressive analysis is that it places what appear to be isolated events in a larger context

The Peace Movement One Year Later

One year after the start of war in Iraq, the peace movement in the United States faces an unusual predicament. Critics of the invasion had many of their key arguments vindicated in the past year, as President Bush’s case for war has collapsed.

Miami’s Trade Troubles

Negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) failed before they ever began.

Global Showdown in Evian

The non-proliferation proposals that Jacques Chirac intends to put on the table at Evian will no doubt merit international attention.

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