Donald Kaul wrote columns for 50 years, beginning with a long stint at the Des Moines Register that made him a household name (in a good way) throughout Iowa. OtherWords distributed his columns from 2001 through July 2012, when he had a heart attack and declared that he needed either a temporary or permanent break. Kaul, who was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist for commentary in 1987 and 1999, lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can read more about his career in this column.


The OMG Congress

With unemployment topping 9 percent, the European economy sliding toward an abyss, and Lindsey Lohan posing nude for Playboy, Congress took time out to “reaffirm” In God We Trust as our official national motto.

Ask the Columnist: A Primer on Wealth and Taxes

It’s not fair to ask sacrifices only from those least able to afford it simply because they have the least political power.

GOP Debates are More Entertaining than GOP Policies

Romney adopts a stance of jovial condescension while Perry visibly seethes at his rival.

Gaddafi’s Grim End

When you get a chance to have one less Gaddafi in the world, you should take it.

Newspaper Nostalgia

Serving the public trust instead of just chasing profits made the journalism business better in the old days, even without computers.

Gridlock and Bedlam

It’s scary, but I’m starting to agree with my pessimist friend.

Free the College Football Market

College football pretends it’s about boola-boola, but it’s really all about ka-ching ka-ching.

It’s Class Warfare, All Right

The rich guys are winning–in a rout.

Heroes of the Republic

You don’t have to support Stephen Colbert’s Super-PAC to earn this proud distinction.

So You Think You Can be President?

Likening Social Security to a Ponzi scheme was the least crazy thing Perry said during the recent debate among Republican presidential candidates.

Apple’s Steve Jobs: Not Quite Henry Ford

Above all, he brought an elegant sense of aesthetics to an industry that was, up to then, innocent of it.

The Rich are Raking it in, so Where are the Jobs?

It’s a grim joke to speak of Labor Day as a celebration of labor.

You Can’t Milk a Butter Cow

The Ames Straw Poll is as empty of meaning as a politician’s promise.

Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game?

With the economy foundering like a man overboard in heavy seas, we’ve attempted to rescue it by throwing it an anchor.

Playing Chicken in the Capitol

In Washington, adults are playing games that even slow-witted teenagers don’t play anymore.

Blame the No-Way Party for the Debt Ceiling Collision

Commentators who say that the two sides were almost “unable to come to an agreement” in the debt talks are laughable.

Injustice Department

Using drugs to help you play a game better isn’t the equivalent of selling crack cocaine to a teenager.

Sleazy Corporate Holiday

You were right, Dad; they’re all in it together.

President Concession

Every time Obama tries to make nice with the Republicans he gets hit in the face with a cream pie.

Loose American Screws

Gov. Rick Perry has expressed sympathy for the right of Texas to secede from the Union.

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