Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new IPS report “Energy Efficiency with Justice: How State Energy Efficiency Policy Can Mitigate Climate Change, Create Jobs, and Address Racial and Economic Inequality” Please use the hashtag #EnergyJustice when sharing with your community.

Below are some sample Twitter and Facebook posts. You can find the key findings and full report here.

Sample Twitter and Facebook Posts:

No one should have to choose between an energy shut-off, or groceries for the week. #EnergyJustice [Graphic 1]

Who is energy insecure in America? 62% of Native Americans, 52% of African-Americans, 50% of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders, and 51% of households with incomes under $20,000. #EnergyJustice [Graphic 1]

37% of households rent their homes, but most energy efficiency programs only target homeowners. #EnergyJustice

Our new report found inclusive financing for energy efficiency upgrades tied to utility meters and targeted incentives for owners of low-income rental housing can help address the needs of renters. #EnergyJustice [Graphc 5]

Energy efficiency jobs have median hourly wages that are higher than the median wage for all occupations. #EnergyJustice is #EconomicJustice. [Graphic 3]

Sample Facebook post:

[Graphic 2]

Our new report highlights innovative state initiatives like:

  • California’s new building code will save households $40/month in energy bills
  • Maine provides free or low-cost energy efficiency upgrades for low-income people
  • Illinois requires utilities to provide job training to historically marginalized people, like the formerly incarcerated
  • Oregon has made great strides in opening up energy efficiency jobs to people of color and women

States are taking the lead on #Energyjustice. Read more:








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