If Hillary Clinton wins the election this November, Bill Clinton would be more than just the first First Gentleman. As a former president himself, he’d get the unique opportunity to do what I’m sure many former presidents wish they could — help right the wrongs of his administration.

Like that infamous 1994 crime bill.

This was the massive law that created mandatory minimums for violent offenders before they could be considered for parole, and required those convicted of two or more felonies to serve a life sentence. It incentivized state-level “truth in sentencing” laws, which moved people off parole and into jail cells, and then awarded $10 billion to build prisons.

Bill Clinton didn’t create mass incarceration — we have Nixon’s drug war to thank for that — but he did exacerbate it, contributing to a system where poor, black people are imprisoned longer and more often than anyone else.

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Domenica Ghanem is the communications coordinator of the Institute for Policy Studies.

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