‘Twas the night before the New Year and all through the land,
Evidence of the Institute’s work was at hand.

In Occupy libraries from the East to the West
Our Executive Excess report was on the list of the best.

America Is Not Broke as well topped the list,
And A Main Street Fix was not to be missed!

The occupiers were nestled all snug in their tents,
Reading and learning about where the wealth went.

When out on Tahrir Square there arose such clatter,
Our scholars were here to explain what’s the matter.

From Egypt to Madison, ideas flew like a flash,
IPS supported the rights that corruption would smash.

The moon on the breast of ages-old sorrow,
Gave way to the luster of a more democratic tomorrow.

A public-scholar institute, so informed and so quick,
Laid foundations, launched protests, remedied that which was sick.

More rapid than eagles, our OtherWords came,
We taught about fixes, we called them by name!

Stop corporate greed!
Make Wall Street pay!

Tax speculation!
Give workers their say!

Put taxes on Carbon!
Bring the troops back homes!

Rebuild the safety net!
Stop spending on drones!

As 2011 quickly flies out of sight,
Remember IPS, which fights the good fight.

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