As the state of Florida went ahead with its move to substantially end the coronavirus lockdown and reopen its economy, it emerged that Dr. Rebekah Jones, the scientist in charge of the state’s coronavirus database, was fired. She claims she was ordered to manually change data to support the case for reopening.

While we don’t know for certain yet if Dr. Jones’ version of events is true, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if it is.

In neighboring Georgia, data on the state government website purporting to show a steady decline in coronavirus cases turned out to be erroneous. What’s more, it appears that the Georgia Department of Public Health is intentionally “moving the goalposts” in how it portrays coronavirus data in a way that minimizes the seriousness of the pandemic, according to an associate professor of public health at Georgia State University.

Read the full article at Newsweek.

Basav Sen directs the Climate Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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