On May 19th, Tope Folarin — an award-winning novelist and executive director of the Institute for Policy Studies — and Chuck Collins — an IPS scholar and co-editor of Inequality.org — held a virtual discussion about Collins’ new novel, Altar to An Erupting Sun. The novel looks back at several of the powerful U.S. social movements of the last forty years — and also speculates on emerging movements to address climate disruption.

The question facing these two novelists and activists: Why fiction?

To Collins and Folarin, fiction has often been a gateway to learn more about something new. And, of course, storytelling and narrative shift is essential in our work at the Institute for Policy Studies.

“In fiction we can put forward a vision, a possible future,” said Collins. “I had this story and several characters knocking at my inner door. I wanted to tell a story about how one community prepares for climate disruption –as well as bring the debate over tactics in relation to climate change.”

Come join Tope, Chuck, and Liz Butler for a conversation on Thursday July 20th 6 PM EST at Busboys and Poets (2021 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009).

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