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Through OtherWords, we’re able to provide millions of readers in America’s heartland with intelligent commentary on a range of progressive causes — on climate, inequality, war and peace, the movements for race and gender justice, and beyond. Through the trusted local papers that use our service, we reach readers in red, blue, and purple states alike with well-written, timely commentaries on the national issues that affect their lives. To read our work or get information about publishing it in your community, check out OtherWords.org.

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Latest Work

Urban Food Deserts Threaten Children’s Health

Access to nutritious food is a matter of social justice.

My Cat is No Fat Cat

My cat is on the pudgy side, but she is nothing like our titans of finance. Let’s stop maligning our feline friends by comparing them to greedy, evil Wall Street execs.

What If We Were Judged by Our Jails?

The American prison population quadrupled in just the last 25 years.

Iran Sanctions are Counterproductive

Gasoline sanctions strengthen hardliners’ arguments and undercut moderates’ calls for reform.

Who Wants to Die for Karzai?

The cost of maintaining each soldier in this faraway land is roughly a million dollars a year.

Health-Care Reform Won’t Cure this Sick System

Fewer than half of U.S. workers get paid sick days.

Our National Pastime Is Too Brutal

Football uses its combatants like Kleenex, then discards them with hardly a thought.

Mind-Reading Technology Threatens Our Liberties

Exposing the human brain to these devices creates physical and political risks.

Bye-bye, Dubai

What does it mean for the global economy when even a city of oil-rich opulence can’t escape the recession?

In 2010, Let’s Treat our Domestic Workers Better

Here’s a New Year’s resolution to improve human rights in the United States.

Lessons from Sweden for the Immigration Debate

We need to support countries in reducing the pressures that force immigration, and not the corporations that make conditions worse.

Ronald McDonald’s Identity Crisis

Instead of endeavoring to reinvent Ronald as a proponent of healthy food choices, it’s time McDonald’s did some corporate soul-searching.

Climate Scams Won’t Save the Planet

Cap and trade is a scheme that tries to sell business-as-usual as a solution to global warming.

Bush-Style Military Spending Not Over Yet

Obama’s plans for change in defense spending are still mostly unrealized.

Thanksgiving: Time to Consider Native Americans’ Plight

The nation needs to commit itself to lasting Native American advancement.

Cuban Embargo: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Will Obama follow precedent when it comes to Cuba?

Our Choice: Control Carbon or Be Cooked

Our leaders are willing to control our fossil fuel economy but not to embark on a serious program to disarm it.

General McMoreland in Vietistan

The White House and the Pentagon should heed lessons learned in the past.

Neighbors Banding Together in Tough Times

Wall Street might be bouncing back, but what about the rest of us?

The Drug War has Failed. What’s Next?

The U.S. is paying a heavy price for its current stance on drug policy.