New Economy Maryland

New Economy Maryland seeks to help build an economy that better serves all people and protects our planet.  We celebrate this moment of opportunity to advance a bold, creative vision of a New Economy that is both rooted in place and committed to peace.

More and more people across the political spectrum are coming to see that the old economy has failed us. There is much to be told about how the New Economy is taking shape in communities all over.  Luckily it is not just a story about what should happen someday, but about the inspiring work already underway. We strive to raise up the good work in our community and learn from powerful examples around the globe.

Embedded in this project is the New Economy Maryland Fellowship program.

Latest Work

The Millennial Generation’s Literacy Crisis

Young workers need personal finance know-how to thrive.

Solar-Powered Friars

The pope could inspire a green energy revolution among faith communities.

Relying on Coal for Electricity is Destroying Appalachia

The coal economy amounts to a major stumbling block for Appalachia, home to some of America’s poorest communities.

Elsa and Olaf: Climate Change Ambassadors

Was Elsa to blame for this winter’s snow?

Hogan’s Maryland: Open for Big Business

Maryland’s welcome signs should read open for ‘big’ business under Gov. Hogan.

Taxing the Chesapeake Bay

A new government landscape threatens Maryland’s future.