New Economy Maryland

New Economy Maryland seeks to help build an economy that better serves all people and protects our planet.  We celebrate this moment of opportunity to advance a bold, creative vision of a New Economy that is both rooted in place and committed to peace.

More and more people across the political spectrum are coming to see that the old economy has failed us. There is much to be told about how the New Economy is taking shape in communities all over.  Luckily it is not just a story about what should happen someday, but about the inspiring work already underway. We strive to raise up the good work in our community and learn from powerful examples around the globe.

Embedded in this project is the New Economy Maryland Fellowship program.

Latest Work

If We Want the Arts in Baltimore, We Need Artists

It’s not enough to see shows and buy local art. Policy changes are needed to fully acknowledge the value that artists bring to Baltimore.

Violence Should Be Treated As A Health Issue

Jeff Sessions wants law and order responses to violence, but cities and states are treating violence as the health crisis it is.

This Baltimore Project Could Help Stop Prison’s Revolving Door

Port Covington has an opportunity to help hundreds of ex-offenders find sustainable employment and combat the city’s recidivism rates.

Kids Won’t Want to Protect the World If They Never Get to Explore It

My childhood outdoor explorations inspired me to a career in conservation. Are today’s kids missing the same chance?

Black Youth and Elusive Freedom

As I weep over the death of America’s black men, I remember my brother’s struggle for his freedom against unnecessary police searches.

The Black History of the New Economy

Black community organizing is at the root of the people and planet first agenda, just take a look at the Vision for Black Lives.

A Soiled Picture of Art and Labor

The deeply unequal art world’s current economic model simply isn’t working, as the story of one public art effort demonstrates quite clearly.

Under Armour Wants to Use Baltimore Tax Revenue Without Giving Back to the City

Development projects in cities across the nation are trying to drive out low-income residents, but local activists are taking control with community-based solutions that are beneficial to everyone.

I Have the Right to Own a Gun, But Not to Basic Needs

State and local governments should enact Economic Bills of Rights to redefine human rights for the 21st century.

Making the City’s Budget a Local Affair

Residents are providing new ways to make local budgeting more open and democratic.

We Can Save Maryland From Climate Change Without Hurting the Economy

A carbon fee and dividend could slow climate change and help Maryland families get by.

I Have a Master’s Degree and I’m Still Poor

Student debt can make any career path perilous — especially if you change your mind.

Want to Stop Gentrification? Start a Union.

Like labor unions, neighborhood unions could help residents bargain collectively for affordable housing, housing security, protections for local businesses, and community reconciliation.

I Can’t Watch Another Police Killing

Shocking videos will come and go, but systemic police violence will continue regardless of whether we’re watching — and it demands a systemic solution.

A Home for Immigrant Women in the Sustainable Energy Economy

This pilot project aims to educate, train, and hire talented immigrant women for green jobs in Maryland.

The Civil War Didn’t End Slavery After All

The American prison system is a massive — if invisible — part of our economy and social fabric.

Five Reforms Every Police Department Should Make

Black Americans will never trust the police without serious measures to reduce police violence and improve accountability.

Reclaiming Curtis Bay From Lethal Polluting Industries

Local high school students and Curtis Bay residents have organized a tremendous campaign of resistance against failed development in South Baltimore.

The Three F’s of Thanksgiving

Why not emulate the Mayflower’s passengers and go local with your holiday feast?

Innovative Internship Program Boosts Baltimore, Students

Baltimore’s schools should adopt Cristo Rey’s innovative internship program to boost economy, student success.