Utilities Pay Up

For release Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dear partners: Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Institute for Policy Studies’s newest report, “Utilities Pay Up”. Please use the hashtag #UtilitiesPayUp when sharing with your community. 

You can find the executive summary and full report on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 here.


Here’s why the utilities industry pays the lowest federal tax rate of any business sector: #UtilitiesPayUp

23 utilities companies paid no federal taxes in 2015, taking $11.5 billion in tax breaks instead: #UtilitiesPayUp

Report: @SouthernCompany opposes #CleanPowerPlan yet reaped $210 million in tax refunds in 2015: #UtilitiesPayUp

Utilities: Support sustainable jobs rather than oppose #CleanPowerPlan! #UtilitiesPayUp [ATTACH Utilities Pay Up – Graphic 1]

Utilities companies are even better at tax-dodging than multinationals #UtilitiesPayUp [ATTACH Utilities Pay Up – Graphic 2]

Fair taxation could force tax-dodging companies to help low-income families #UtilitiesPayUp [ATTACH Utilities Pay Up – Graphic 3]

Low-income families spend staggering 15% of their income on energy costs. #UtilitiesPayUp [ATTACH Utilities Pay Up – Graphic 4]


Breaking: 23 utilities companies paid no effective federal tax rate in 2015, pocketing $11.5 billion in tax breaks instead. Read the new report @Institute for Policy Studies report.

How are utilities companies even more skilled at tax-dodging than multinational corporations? Here’s how: via @Institute for Policy Studies

Graphic 1

energy efficiency jobs

Graphic 2

$11.5 billion in tax benefits

Graphic 3

retrofitting quarter of public housing

Graphic 4

15% energy bill total income

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