A Tale of Two Retirements: As Working Families Face Rising Retirement Insecurity, CEOs Enjoy Platinum Pensions

For release Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM

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You can find the executive summary and full report here.


  • Just 100 CEOs have $4.7B in retirement savings — as much as 59% of Black families  #CanURetire [Image]
  • WTH! 100 CEOs have us much retirement savings as 75% of Latino families: #CanURetire [Image]
  • New from @IPS_DC: Walmart’s Quarter Billion Dollar Men: 3 CEOs with >$250M in retirement wealth #CanURetire
  • New @ips_dc report on CEO-worker retirement gap calls for end to CEO pay subsidies #CanURetire


  • Breaking: The 100 U.S. CEOs with the largest company retirement accounts have nest eggs worth a combined $4.7 billion. This is equivalent to the entire retirement savings of 59% of African American and 75% of Latino families. Read the new IPS report “A Tale of Two Retirements” at
  • Our new report on the CEO-worker retirement gap exposes the rigged rules that allow CEOs to put unlimited sums in tax-deferred accounts while ordinary workers have strict limits on their 401(k) contributions. Read more here:


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Sarah Anderson directs the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies. Scott Klinger has worked in the arenas of corporate social responsibility, executive compensation, and corporate taxes for three decades.

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