Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new IPS report “Towering Excess: The Perils of the Luxury Real Estate Boom for Bostonians.” Please use the hashtag #ToweringExcess when sharing with your community.

Below are some sample Twitter and Facebook posts. You can find the key findings and full report here.

Sample Twitter and Facebook Posts:

  1. Boston’s luxury real estate boom figures to push up land and housing costs and accelerate Boston’s already troubling disparities of income, wealth and opportunity. Details in @IPS_DC #ToweringExcess report:
  2. New @IPS_DC report examines 12 of Boston’s highest-priced luxury condos constructed over the last decade, highlighting how they function as wealth storage lockers for global capital. #ToweringExcess [Graphic 2]
  3. Boston is experiencing a luxury real estate boom. But with the city’s median household income being $58,500, the average Bostonian cannot afford the new luxury condos. A new @IPS_DC outlines the perils of Boston’s latest luxury housing market. [Graphic 1]
  4. New @IPS_DC report examines 12 of Boston’s latest highest-priced luxury housing developments, highlighting how these towers play a key role in the global hidden wealth infrastructure, functioning as wealth storage lockers for global capital #ToweringExcess [Graphic 3]
  5. Boston’s luxury housing boom will bring tens of thousands of wealthy new residents to the city of Boston, further exacerbate the city’s already grotesque inequalities of wealth, income, power and opportunity. #ToweringExcess [Graphic 2]
  6. According to a new @IPS_DC report on Boston’s luxury real estate boom, many of these properties are purchased with cash by shell companies, raising red flags about the legality and source of funds.#ToweringExcess [Graphic 5]
  7. In Boston, the more expensive the luxury housing development is, the more likely it is owned by an LLC – a strong that these towers are being used as “wealth storage units” and not housing. #ToweringExcess [Graphic 4]







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