Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new IPS report “Students Under Siege: How the School to Prison Pipeline, Poverty, and Racism Endanger Our School Children” Please use the hashtag # #StudentsUnderSiege when sharing with your community.

Below are some sample Twitter and Facebook posts. You can find the key findings and full report here.

Sample Twitter and Facebook Posts:

Suspensions aren’t helping studentsthey’re pushing them out of school. #RealSchoolSafety [Graphic 1]

Race-based discrimination in schools isn’t just unjustit’s systemic. #NoKidsInPrison  [Graphic 2]

There’s no such thing as equal opportunity when students of color are kept out of the classroom. #RealSchoolSafety [Graphic 3]

Students shouldn’t be policed. Schools with school resource officers (SROs) refer children to the juvenile legal system for “disorderly conduct” almost 5x as often as schools without SROs. #NoKidsInPrison

Arming teachers only makes kids less safe, but here’s what we can do instead for #RealSchoolSafety: #RJ #BacktoSchool2018

Social and Emotional Learning, with Restorative practices keeps students safe and thriving. #RealSchoolSafety #SEL #SEAD

More officers in school don’t make students safer. Instead, they push kids into the criminal justice system. #RealSchoolSafety

#RestorativeJustice, not Retributive Justice gives students the best chance at success. Read our new @IPS_DC report:  #RealSchoolSafety





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