Dear partners: Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Institute for Policy Studies report “Corporate Tax Cuts Boost CEO Pay, Not Jobs.”

You can find the key findings and full report here.


  • @IPS_DC analysis of 92 corps shows tax cuts boost CEO pay, not jobs #PayUpCorps [image1]
  • Yesterday, Trump said lower corporate taxes create jobs. But unlike him, the numbers don’t lie.
  • Instead of using tax savings to create jobs, AT&T has cut workforce and hiked CEO pay #PayUpCorps [image 2]
  • Trump claimed corps will use tax cuts to create jobs. His own top diplomat did the opposite at Exxon #PayUpCorps [image 3]
  • GOP claims corp tax cuts=more jobs. GE is just one tax dodger that busts this myth #PayUpCorps [image 4]
  • Watch @Anderson_IPS destroy the GOP claims that lower corporate taxes create jobs. #PayUpCorps





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