Thank you for helping us spread the word about the new IPS report “Agricultural Cooperatives: Opportunities and Challenges for African American Women in the South” Please use the hashtag #AgriculturalCooperatives when sharing with your community.

Below are some sample Twitter and Facebook posts. You can find the key findings and full report here.


Our @IPS_DC report shows that #AgriculturalCooperatives are a just, profitable, and healthy way to create sustainable jobs in the South—in underserved communities most of all. [GRAPHIC 1]

Our @IPS_DC report highlights how #AgriculturalCooperatives provide a viable means for business owners with limited resources and access to credit to thrive. [GRAPHIC 1]

Our @IPS_DC report finds that not only are many #AgriculturalCooperatives successful businesses, they also supply fresh, nutritious food to people that otherwise may not have access to it. [GRAPHIC 2]

The South has a deep history of #AgriculturalCooperatives run by black women that were an integral part of the civil rights struggle for economic independence. That history continues today: [GRAPHIC 2]


#AgriculturalCooperatives in the South have historically offered not only sustainable jobs and fresh food to underserved communities, but also job training, affordable housing, and daycare to members who needed it. This is the vision that should pave the way for the South. [GRAPHIC 2]

Our #AgriculturalCooperatives report gives several examples of successful black-owned farming co-ops in areas of high poverty, including a case study of the successful Mississippi Delta Southern Rural Black Women in Agriculture—the first agricultural co-op run entirely by women in the South. [GRAPHIC 1]

The Farm Service Cooperative, the single largest African American co-op in the country, supports dozens of co-ops throughout the region in sectors like credit unions, farming, and homecare. Find out more about the history of success in black-owned #AgriculturalCooperatives: [GRAPHIC 2]




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