The DOJ finally files suit to block Arizona’s immigration law.

Oil threatens Louisiana tribal life. “If we have to leave, we’ll be spread out and no longer be a community,” she explains. “We don’t know where we’d go. BP should try to keep this community together because it’s their oil that’ll cause us to separate. Our attachment to our land is everything to us. We live off the land, so when you take us away, it won’t be the same. It’s like taking a fish out of water and seeing how long it will live.” (Eurasia Review)

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote in his most recent column that additional stimulus spending would “risk national insolvency on the basis of a model.” CEPR’s Dean Baker demonstrates how very, very wrong he is.

OpenLeft’s Chris Bowers has an extensive roundup of what we won, lost, and compromised in the financial reform bill. The passage of the bill looks likely as Scott Brown (R-MA) appears to have signed on. While a few IPSers were looking specifically at tax reform and CEO compensation, both of which received tepid reform measures, the bill does not close this case. As Bowers put it, “no one I know in the Wall Street reform community thinks this bill ends the overall fight.”

Ethnic Wiretap Magazine takes a closer look at the Equal Justice Initiative’s investigation of racial discrimination in jury selection.


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