The Paris climate summit raised the public profile of the Green Climate Fund – the first international fund under the United Nations with the express goal of supporting countries in the global South build clean energy, climate resilient economies. But as the leadership of the GCF meets this week in Songdo, Korea, you may still be asking yourself questions like “What does the Green Climate Fund do, exactly?” “What will it pay for?” and “Who will benefit?”

To help answer these questions, and shine sunlight on some of the more controversial topics being debated in the fund, IPS has worked with partners from around the planet to bring you the following fact sheets. Think of these as a ‘user guide’ to the GCF. And please send us your feedback and questions!

Green Climate Fund: The Basics
The Green Climate Fund is set to become one of the most significant public funders of climate projects and programs globally. This factsheet sets out what the GCF is, why it was initiated, how it will work, and what it will do.



Green Climate Fund and The Private Sector
The Green Climate Fund aims to encourage private sector support for measures that address climate change in developing countries. This factsheet looks at how the GCF will distribute money to the private sector, what types of activities it will support, and how it will target smaller companies.

Green Climate Fund in Developing Countries
The Green Climate Fund is supposed to be responsive to the needs of people in developing countries. This factsheet looks at whether that goal will be met, how communities will be consulted, and how funding is decided.



Green Climate Fund: Rights and Equity
How can the Green Climate Fund ensure that it supports climate change activities in developing countries that respect human rights and the wider environment? This factsheet looks at the GCF’s safeguards, how it engages Indigenous Peoples, and the role that gender equity plays in the Fund’s operations.



Green Climate Fund: How Funding is Decided
The Green Climate Fund has over US$10 billion pledged to address climate change in developing countries. This factsheet looks at how funding proposals are developed, what activities the GCF will fund, and how funding decisions are made.




Oscar Reyes is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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