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One glass ceiling separates Hillary Clinton from returning to her former place of residence on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But to get there, she’ll have to confront serious voter skepticism about her credibility and commitment to reducing economic inequality—the same issues that fueled insurgent campaigns to her right and left during the presidential primaries.

Clinton could address both of those concerns in part by shattering another glass ceiling—and naming progressive firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as her vice-presidential running mate, creating the first all-female presidential ticket.

With two-thirds of white women—and more than 90 percent of women of color—viewing Donald Trump unfavorably, a Clinton-Warren ticket could be an appealing antidote to Trump’s well-documented misogyny. Women are the largest voting bloc in America, and they were a big part of Clinton’s successful primary campaign.

Yet it would be unwise for Clinton to rest on the assumption that women voters will flock to her banner solely due to Trump’s boorishness. Her “unfavorable” ratings in opinion polls run considerably higher among younger women and white women, especially compared to women of color and older women—her most ardent supporters.

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Marc Priester is a research and program associate for the Black Worker Initiative and Global Economy projects at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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