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This morning, the leaders of North and South Korea met for the first time in more than a decade at a one-day bilateral summit to discuss peace efforts to end a 75-year-old Cold War. The thought of such a meeting seemed far-fetched, especially given the fire and fury coming from the current U.S. administration. But John Feffer explains how we’ve ended up on the verge of the impossible.

In other international news, Cuba’s new president isn’t a Castro. On Rising Up with Sonali, Netfa Freeman discusses whether this transition represents a political change in the country. And in the Philippines, Duterte issued a warning to mining companies operating environmentally-destructive open-pit mines. John Cavanagh writes in Rappler about the community groups in Didipio that are calling not just for bold words, but for the president to end licenses with companies like OceanaGold.

Meanwhile, a new IPS and Public Citizen report found that at some megabanks, an employee would have to work a whole year to earn just as much as their CEO made in one day. And Chuck Collins reported for the Boston Globe on the local luxury buildings that fuel displacement and pay little in taxes.

Finally, tens of thousands of teachers continued to strike this week. Negin Owliaei explains for Bernie Sanders’ social media that a lack of public funding for education is a political choice to prioritize tax cuts for corporations, not a budget crisis.

Banking CEO Pay Still Out Of Control

“For Congress to remove risk controls from banks that award unbelievable executive pay packages shows just how much they have ignored the lessons of the 2008 crisis,” -Bartlett Naylor, Public Citizen

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IPS Action: Online & In The Streets
"Why are teachers everywhere on strike?"
We have a crisis of public education funding in this country. Twenty-nine states gave less money to schools in 2015 than they did before the recession. That is outrageous.
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Action Alert

Saturday, April 28, 10AM-3PM. Learn how to use public resources to track down information on corporations and help plan an action exposing a deportation profiteer. Learn more here.

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