What can pro-life advocates have to do with nuclear-weapons advocates? Read this comment by “The Tiny Twig” to a post on nuclear weapons at evangelical site A Deeper Story: Tales of Christ and Culture.

I think that this is another “pro-life” issue that Christians need to get behind if we’re going to be the lead voices in the anti-abortion world. It’s two-faced double speak if we don’t.

She’s responding to a dialogue between site administrator Nish and Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, founder of Two Futures Project, a groundbreaking evangelical disarmament group. The Tiny Twigg’s idea is basically the “seamless garment” or “consistent life ethic” that former Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin made famous in a speech that linked abortion and nuclear war. (Not that he was the first to do so.) The archbishop said.

I am convinced that the pro-life position of the church must be developed in terms of a comprehensive and consistent ethic of life.

Also woven into his seamless garment are capital punishment, euthanasia, genetics, and modern warfare are also threads of his seamless garment.

Question for Focal Points readers: Does this association sully and in some way ultimately subvert the cause of disarmament? Or is hitching pro-life to disarmament’s wagon (or vice versa) a good idea and a small price to pay for helping to rid the world of nuclear weapons?

In other words, just how choosy can disarmament be about its bedfellows?

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