“On Saturday,” reports Haaretz, “a senior commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guardn [General Yadollah Javani] said the country will target NATO’s missile defense shield in Turkey if the U.S. or Israel attacks the Islamic Republic.”

Meanwhile Turkey is talking more than turkey to Iran’s ally Syria. Haaretz again.

Turkey on Tuesday raised the option of military intervention in neighboring Syria. Highlighting divisions among foreign powers on how to deal with the bloodshed in Syria, Turkey’s foreign minister [Ahmet Davutoglu] said Ankara was reluctant to take a military option but was ready for “any scenario”.

The first of “any scenarios,” as reported by Reuters today, is that “Syria’s biggest trade partner Turkey suspended all financial credit dealings with it on Wednesday and froze its government’s assets.”

Their relationship has substantially devolved since 2009, when the two states engaged in joint military maneuvers. If it wasn’t the turning point, it certainly didn’t help when, earlier this year, Syrian refugees, in flight from President Bashar al-Assad’s oppression, appeared at Turkey’s border.

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